After working at Google and Toshiba, Zatlyn joined the startup I Love Rewards (later Achievers), a global employee rewards program.

Zatlyn co-founded Cloudflare with Harvard Business School classmates Matthew Prince and Lee Holloway in 2009. She sits on Cloudflare‘s board and serves as the company’s President and COO.

In speaking about her co-founding of Cloudflare, she states:

When we came up with Cloudflare, I knew nothing about internet security, but I care a lot about liking what I’m doing. I knew if I could help create internet security, that’s something I could work hard for and be proud [of]; 10 years later, we have 165 data centres, 12 million domains and more than 800 employees.

Zatlyn was appointed to the board of directors for Australian software company, Atlassian, in September 2021. She is a member of the Cybersecurity team of the Aspen Institute.

Zatlyn continues to serve as a COO, co-founder, and president of Cloudflare as well as as a board member at Atlassian. She is also a regular speaker at Cloudflare Connect, the company’s flagship event that connects business leaders in the cybersecurity and technology industries.

Zatlyn is a frequent podcast guest, appearing recently on podcasts like Panic with Friends, Founders Field Guide, Afternoon T, Traction Podcast, and The Decibel Podcast.