This week on Hashtag Trending’s Weekend Edition, I am discussing internet and security trends with Michelle Zatlyn. Zatlyn is a Saskatchewan-born entrepreneur who co-founded billion dollar Cloudflare and led it from startup to public company where she is now the president.

Every year, Cloudflare publishes a Year in Review, a global snapshot of the internet in 2022. Somewhere in the range of twenty percent of web traffice runs through Cloudflare servers. As a result, Cloudflare has unique insight into the biggest hacks, internet trends, and more.

I’m not proposing that huge radical things are going to happen next year, but we know that change will happen – small at first and then when we least expect it, gathering huge momentum.  So today’s little changes are tomorrows paradigm shift (oooh, we haven’t heard that phrase in a long while.)

So what’s happening in terms of the global internet for the next year or two?  And since Michelle’s roots are in Canada we can ask what’s happening in Canada?

Michelle and I talk about everything from cybersecurity to the impact of 5G and more. A lot of our conversation stems from the findings of Cloudflare’s report. Some of it is just a great chance to get to know this incredible Canadian entrepreneur.

Hashtag Trending Weekend Edition, February 17, 2023 – Our guest today is Michelle Zatlyn, the Saskatchewan-born entrepreneur who co-founded the billion dollar company, Cloudflare.

Here are some of the findings from Cloudflare’s most recent report on Canada:

  • Canada is one of the most Internet connected countries in the world. Cloudflare blocks on average more than 513 million attacks every single day in Canada (as of EOY 2021)
  • The industries in Canada most targeted by cyberattacks include Consumer Electronics, Wholesale, Security and Investigations, Higher Education, Public Safety, Manufacturing and Media (so far into 2022)
  • Canada is among the top countries targeted by L3/4 DDoS attacks. Looking at target countries, Canada the sixth most targeted, right behind Taiwan, Korea, China, the US, and Singapore at #1 (most recently in Q3 2022)
  • Internet traffic continues to increase, there’s been a 30% increase in traffic globally (so far into 2022)
  • Risks are continuing to increase globally too, cyber attacks on the rise and jumped 40% YoY. Cloudflare blocks an average of 126 billion cyber threats every single day.
  • More than 90% of all cyber attacks begin with phishing. Cloudflare Area 1 identified and kept almost three quarters of a billion unwanted messages out of customer inboxes; including malicious phish, BEC attacks, spoof impersonations, and spam email (in Q3 2022.