So Cloudflare is that quiet Cloud leader that just keeps … killing it.  We last checked in on them at $500m in ARR, growing 50%.

Today, they are at just about $1B in ARR … and growing even faster at 54% year-over-year than they were at $500m in ARR!  Wow.

And while everyone has taken a hit in public market valuations, Cloudflare has outperformed.  Its stock roared up 27% after its last earnings release.

Today is the Best of Times for Cloudflare.  No downturn, no slow down.  Even with some sales cycles indeed getting a bit more challenging, especially for deals in the $500k-$1m range.

5 Interesting Learnings:

#1.  $100k+ Customers are Now 50% of Revenue — At $1B in ARR.  Cloudflare has marched upmarket, but slowly for a product still with a free base.  Its $100k+ customers are now the fastest growing segment, and more than half its revenue is from these bigger customers.  Still, its big customers are barely 1% of its customer base of 151,000.

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